Tips For Making Your Floors Shine

There is nothing better than having a floor that shines.  The reflective surface of the floor shows to people that you are a clean establishment and something worthy of entering into.  For many people who have these types of floors, getting in there and keeping up with the cleaning can be too much.  If you are one of these people, considering commercial floor waxing colorado springs as an alternative is a good idea.

Sweep the floors with a cloth broom

When we sweep our floors we tend to use a wire bristled broom.  These are okay in some situations but since they have spaces within the bristles dirt can easily escape.  This is why, having a cloth broom or something that is made of wool can capture all the dust and dirt on the ground. 

Use a wet mop

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Once your floors are swept then you can use a wet mop.  When adding water to your mops make sure that you ring out as much water as possible.  You want your mops to be damp to the point that they can pick up the dirt and not just spread water all over the floors. 

Use signs

There is danger when you are mopping your floors.  You don’t want people to come in and fall on their butts.  If you are mopping the floor, you need to protect yourself by having wet floor signs visible for everyone to see.  You will also want to rope off areas that you are working on if they are large areas. 

Open windows

To dry you want the floors to dry naturally.  Opening up windows and allowing the fresh air to blow in is a great way to dry the floors.  However, make sure that dirt and debris from outside can’t blow in.  If they do, you will have defeated the purpose and your floors will just need to be mopped again.