Ticks: Beware Of The Exterminator!

To all the ticks out there, especially those of you who have been pestering people in their homes and factories for dozens of years, please beware. And especially to all those ticks who have been biting small cats and dogs for so long, because didn’t you know, the people love their pets. And they are so cute anyhow. Please beware of the tick exterminator fort collins van. Because the man in that van is about to kill the lot of you!

It has been guaranteed. Customers can believe this if they are being serviced by licensed and registered practitioners. The name of the game is to kill the lot of you as quickly as possible and make sure that not a single one of you critters survive. For you it will be like a nuclear holocaust to them. You and your cockroach half-breed cousins may have tittered at one of your filthy gatherings in thinking that you could survive that holocaust.

But what if it never came. Do you honestly believe that people are that insane? And have you not noticed? People are becoming more and more aware than ever before. They are now so self-conscious of their safety and wellbeing, they’re all wearing masks would you believe. Well, most of them anyhow, and those that don’t will, in some places in what is left of this world, be dealt with accordingly.

tick exterminator fort collins

And so will you. You could just say that customers’ pet exterminators are your local law enforcement officers. And of course, you are all lawbreakers to them. Of course, none of you lot will ever be arrested. Isn’t that great? And that’s because the lot of you are going to be exterminated. Wiped off of the face of the earth.