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The SR Series single-rotor shredders are designed for the shredding of recyclable materials. Our extensive machine range and options ensure a solution for most applications. The machines are suitable for the shredding of rigid plastics, film, fibre materials, textiles, cardboards and rubber, along with most other waste types. With a host of options and machine rotor widths up to 2500mm, no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Machines can have our optional ECO-Drive motor, which is a patented, variable speed drive offering instant flexibility and automatic adjustment of rotor speed from 0-420 rpm. This system senses motor load and automatically changes speed to suit material type being processed. Therefore, high speed and very high output is achieved on light materials whereas the rotor will automatically slow down if suddenly heavy materials such as lump waste are fed in to the machine, offering the torque required to process arduous materials. Not only does this system offer huge savings in electrical running cost of up to 60% compared to conventional drives but also output increases of up to 70%. Therefore, the increased cost for the ECO-Drive system soon justifies itself and with no moving parts, no gearbox or belt drive system, this drive is supremely reliable and offers unsurpassed protection against tramp metal inclusion, as our customers will testify.

For more general size reduction at high volumes, our TRW twin-rotor shredders are the ones to consider. Once again utilising our ECO-Drive system and with large access doors for maintenance, these machines reliably offer high volume output in the region of 40-70 tonnes per hour with very little stopping them from processing. We can boast the option of a patented rotor system – the ‘Granulation Rotor’ – or GR Series for short. These machines are ideally suited to plastics recycling and we have many waste/RDF producing customers who have gone down this route with us as well by purchasing GR Series machines. With this unique rotor design we have the ability to take raw, rigid plastic scraps and in one pass of a single machine, produce a granulator quality chip at circa 10mm which is suitable for extrusion and re-compounding. This is unheard of in a shredder as usually you would experience big problems with excessive heat build up, ‘pig-tailing’ of the plastic, making it impossible to extrude and also very low volume output. However, with our GR Series rotor we experience none of these problems and huge cost savings are achieved in only having to purchase one machine, as opposed to a combined shredding and granulating line, as well as massively reduced operating costs.

If your requirements for plastics recycling are not so demanding the SR-series still offer good and consistent size reduction. With the option of a ‘film and fibre’ rotor they can process tricky materials such as thin films, fibrous materials and woven big-bags for example, which all have a tendency to wrap around shredder rotors and stall the machine. We suffer none of these problems and can show you systems in operation to prove it. SR series single-rotor wood shredders benefit from a low-speed, high-torque drive system as standard to make light work of processing all wood and timber scrap including chipboard, MDF, hardwoods and veneers. Many standard features such as external ram guides for quick and easy replacement make this range of machines easy for maintenance with a high productivity level. Various standard models are available to suit size of waste and throughput rates and machines can be tailored to suit specific applications. Rotor widths start at 700mm wide for low volume wood off-cut applications and large feed hoppers mean very low operator input is required. If your need is for demolition timber or large volume processing of wood scraps, then we also have the TRT range of twin-rotor pre-shredders. Whilst size grading is possible in these machines they are aimed at high volume processing of timber with throughputs of up to 70 tonnes per hour being achievable. With automatic variable speed and excellent protection against tramp metal parts, these machines offer a reliable and robust solution.

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